Ben’s bark is worse than his bite

Ben takes precautions

By Jimmy Rhatigan

BEN FOLEY has his own tale to bark to whoever cares to listen to his woes on our ‘flu pandemic.

He is gentle, gregarious, gorgeous too depending on his mood.

You could get a wag of his tail, a playful whimper or a perk of his ears but regardless of how he behaves towards you his bark is always worse than his bite.

Yet you would be barking up the wrong tree if you promised to take him for a walk and renege on a pledge.

He would unleash a tirade of disappointment and any man or women worth his or her salt when it comes to a rural or urban amble would surely park a pair of slippers and don his or her walking shoes.

Two eyes on telly

Ben is a Jack Russell pet owned by Donal and Bridie Foley of Hugginstown, County Kilkenny.

He has been the couple’s friend since he was a puppy and he will be six years old in April.

When he is not snoozing in the corner of the sitting room, he has one or even two eyes on the telly.

He spotted that human beings were wearing protective masks to save them from something whatever it was.

I’ll have a bit of that he may have barked to himself and before you could say friendly mutt Ben was showing off his protective piece which he donned or rather had strapped on for a photo shoot.

He was happy that he was protected.

From what, he didn’t have a clue.

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