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Lacking in energy is a common complaint and something we get asked about at the shop. Many people are feeling tired after a stressful couple of years and would love to get back on track. Extreme tiredness wears you down both physically and mentally. I have a funny feeling that with the recent changes to Covid restrictions both our moods and energy levels will rise. In the meantime, let’s see what we can do to help.

When I am asked about supplements for energy, I usually ask a couple of questions before choosing one. I would ask if you eat a varied diet, if you exercise, and sleep well. I would usually ask what medication you are on and if you have had blood tests recently in particular thyroid and iron levels. Or if you have been ill or have had surgery. Then based on this information I would look at the supplement options for you and I would base my choice on your needs.

Some of my go-to supplements for improving energy include: Biostrath which is one of our long-standing favourite tonics, as well as Floradix Liquid Iron, and Magnesium, B vitamins, Terra Nova Life Drink.

Based on customer testimonials and feedback, we have added Revive Active to the list of highly recommended supplements to boost energy. It’s popular because it works. It’s a powder you simply add to water, which means it’s easy to digest and absorb. And customers are seeing a real difference in their energy levels.

Revive Active is an Irish brand it contains 26 active ingredients uniquely formulated to help you get the most out of your body. Here are some of the main ones: Thiamine for heart health. Vitamin B12 to support energy levels by reducing tiredness and fatigue. With 500mg of Vitamin C to help boost your immune system all year round. I love the fact that it also contains 150mg of CoQ10, as well as D Ribose, and Arginine. The combination of active ingredients makes Revive Active an ideal supplement to support energy levels, immunity, thyroid function and nervous system, and to protect heart health too.

Call in to see us and take a look at Revive Active and see if this the one to get you back on track again.

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