Written in stone

Thomas Glendon, Letter Cutter and Stone Mason, visited St Mary’s Cathedral on 9 March to carve the inscription of Bishop Coll’s name on the list in the North Transept.

This list stretching back to St Kieran was compiled by Bishop Moran in the 1880s.

Bassett’s publication of 1884 on Kilkenny City and County makes reference to the two tablets that were in preparation at their time of publishing.

Thomas uses chisels and hammers that are especially design to insure a delicate touch to the letterform.

Commenting on the original work, Thomas said that the type and design of the inscriptions are beautifully carved. He notes a change in design and details from 1884 when start and finish dates were included.

Thomas continues this form in completing the details of Bishop Dermot Farrell (now archbishop of Dublin) and those of Bishop Coll.

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