Weleda Skin Food fantastic for dry skin anywhere


Weleda Skin Food is a fantastic skin care formulation that feeds and nourishes dry and rough skin. I think it’s amazing that it was first made over 90 years ago, way back in 1926. That’s surely the sign of a great product when they stand the test of time like that.
Weleda Skin Food has several uses. You could use it to help revitalise the skin on your face or your body so that it feels hydrated, smooth, and moisturised. Perfect for use on chapped, rough, dry or, flaky skin. You can use it on your elbows, knees, and heels. It’s brilliant for looking after your hands and cuticle too. It works even better if you wear a pair of cotton gloves to help it to soak in for longer. This is a useful tip for extremely dry, chapped, or sore hands.
Weleda Skin Food is a rich and intensive moisturising cream with natural plant extracts, and a little goes a long way. It contains calming chamomile, healing calendula, rosemary which stimulates circulation, and sweet almond to deeply nourish the skin and pansy for soothing flaky skin. Beeswax and lanolin lock in softness.
Super star Victoria Beckham is a fan, she continually mentions how much she loves Skin Food. Other celebrities that love it include Adele and Julia Roberts. Many of our customers are also using it and are giving it their thumbs up.
One lady had dry skin on her face, extremely dry, it felt like sandpaper, and hurt when she yawned it was so dry. She tried Weleda Skin Food and the results were amazing, she said her skin felt supple, flexible, smooth, and she could yawn again in peace. She loves it and highly recommends it.
Craig, my colleague in our Kilkenny store loves it too. He recommends it for builders, farmers, gardeners, and fishermen whose hands are rough and dry and says its brilliant.
He also likes their Skin Food Body Butter, he recommends this for very dry skin too, it’s also deeply nourishing and is a non-greasy fast absorbing formula. He says the Skin Food Butter is great for sunburn and for preventing peeling too. He’s speaking from personal experience unfortunately.
I hope that you’ll like Weleda Skin Food and Skin Food Body Butter as much as we do.
It’s now available on our online store at www.naturalhealthstore.ie
Or pop in to see us for advice and information at Market Cross Shopping Centre, Kilkenny

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