Triplets born in makeshift maternity

New babes: Three little bundles of camera-shy fluff

By Jimmy Rhatigan

The population of a city parish was increased by three early this morning, Sunday.

Three bouncy baby beauties were born to a local mother in a makeshift maternity ward in a frugal hospital at the heart of St John’s Parish.

The triplets arrived shortly after dawn and the report from local nature lover and temporary hospital caretaker Tommy Roche, a resident of St John’s Court, is that mother and babies are doing well.

A doting dad is also hovering in the vicinity after what is believed to be the parish’s first triple birth this year.

The ward at the rear of Mr Roche’s home came about as a result of opportunism rather than planning as the coal shed became the choice of a chirpy Robin Red Breast.

Decision on venue proved to be quite shrewd as the garden outhouse is well lit and has a good supply of coal and freezer food if the Robin family decides to hang around for the winter.

The gender of the May babes has not yet been determined, for obvious reasons.

The words of Bing Crosby’s popular song When the red, red Robin comes bob, bob, bobbin’ along will now be automatically changed to When the red, red Robins etc.

The Observer has learned on the grapevine that the newly arrived feathered friends may be called Robert, Richard and Ruby, depending on their genders of course.

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