Tips for nervous flyers


Fear of flying is a common question I get asked about at this time of year. Some people are just a bit nervous and for others it borders on terror. There is I think, for most of us the nerves around travel which are usually associated with getting to the airport or meeting point on time, or did you pack your passport, tickets, or medications. You know you have everything because you have checked a thousand times already. But this doesn’t stop your heart stopping when you are nearly half way there when it pops into your head again, did I pack my passport? I think this is quite normal but for those of you that experience fear around travel there are some supplements that might help.

Rescue Remedy drops, spray, or pastilles have been a life saver for many people. You can take them frequently before the flight and the lozenges are great to suck when the journey starts. A.Vogel Passiflora Spray is another option, it contains Passiflora and Lemon Balm two of nature’s calming agents. Soloray L-Theanine is a good choice if you are bordering on a panic attack. You can take a couple of tablets throughout the day. I would start these supplements as soon as you feel any nervousness about your journey. If you are nervous and fearful you might need a mix of all three of these supplements.

If you can’t take supplements, you could try Lavender oil, it’s traditionally used to aid relaxation and to create a sense of calmness. You can across place a drop of oil on the temples and wrists and breathe in the aroma to help you relax.

Carrying a healing crystal is a popular choice, especially for nervous children. There are several that you could choose from but my favourite would be blue lace agate. This is a beautiful crystal with a pale blue colour. It has a gentle, calming effective and eases nervousness when held or worn. It’s a great crystal to choose for anxiety, stress, and for overwhelming emotions.

Remember to breath. Deep breathing will aid relaxation and help take your mind off the situation.

Wishing you safe travels, if you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We would love to help.

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