Teac Tom: Fundraisers, volunteers and supporters needed

Like many community- based organisations Teac Tom relies heavily on the support of local businesses, individuals and community groups to fundraise throughout the year. The impact of Covid-19 on the charity sector is well-known, with fewer opportunities for fundraising and higher costs associated with putting health and safety measures in place for staff and clients. Teac Tom was grateful to receive some grant funding from the local authorities to help cover these costs but was unable to hold any large-scale fundraisers for over two years. It is money raised from these fundraisers that provides the vital income required to cover our operational costs and provide our professional counselling services.

As a mental health support charity, we play a vital role in the community when it comes to supporting people struggling with their mental health or those having suicidal thoughts. We also support families who have been bereaved by suicide. We provide a 24-hour phone line, counselling services for adolescents and adults and play therapy for children. We run a Community Engagement programme that reaches young people in schools and clubs throughout the southeast region. We believe that mental health issues need to be spoken about openly and honestly and that there is no shame in seeking help. Teac Tom provides a safe and nurturing space for people to get support for their mental health. Our open-door policy allows us to be accessible to everyone in the community.

A report in 2021 issued by the Charities Regulator states that “a constant challenge for the sector, regardless of an organisation’s size or complexity, is funding and income.” The findings also confirm that the pandemic has had an impact on traditional sources of income for many charities as well services and volunteering. At Teac Tom we are no different and that is why we are looking for Volunteers and Supporters to help us with our fundraising efforts this year.

Volunteering with Teac Tom
Volunteering is a great way to use and develop your skills, meet new people and help a cause that you are passionate about. For students and young people, volunteering allows you to gain hands-on experience in a variety of areas which is great for building your CV and is appealing to many employers. Over the years our volunteers have come from all walks of life, at different ages and stages. Volunteering has many benefits for the volunteer but is also crucial to our success; having volunteers to help at events, assist with administrative tasks and support our fundraising efforts leaves more funding available to provide our frontline counselling services. Right now, we need volunteers in two main areas – Events Team and Community Fundraisers.

Events Team
We have a range of exciting fundraisers planned for the year ahead. In order to make these events a success we need enthusiastic, community-minded people who can roll up their sleeves and get stuck into whatever needs doing. Volunteers are essential to helping us hold these events. We need people to help with everything from distributing marketing material to helping with behind the scenes set up, shaking buckets to painting faces. The key is to generate excitement for participants and a greater awareness of Teac Tom for those attending. We also need volunteers to actively participate in the more active fundraisers! Keep an eye out for our upcoming events:

The Round the Clock Cycle and Women’s Mini-Marathon will both take place on the June Bank Holiday weekend. In the summer we will host another Golf Classic and the autumn will see the return of the Teac Tom OsKars.

Fundraisers Wanted!
We rely on the generosity of the public to fundraise for Teac Tom. All money that is donated goes towards covering our counselling costs and operating costs of our centres. People have had to get creative over the last few years as most fundraising was done virtually. Now that we can get back to in-person events it is a chance for people to come together and do something enjoyable for a cause they believe in. Often people fundraise for Teac Tom in memory of a loved one lost to suicide. Over the last few years, we have had skydives, beard shaves, quilt raffles, a virtual walk to Croagh Patrick and an online gaming day. There have been Fantasy Football Leagues, Kilimanjaro Climbs and rugby tournaments. There are endless possibilities for community fundraisers, all you need is a great idea, a Teac Tom application form and the commitment to holding the event.

Additional Opportunities
From time to time we may need additional support in admin, marketing or to join our team of Volunteer Listeners – all details can be found on our website so please get in touch there for more information or to apply.

Breathe with the Beat
On Monday April 18th, all are welcome to the beautiful setting of Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre to take part in ‘Breathe with the Beat’. Led by Karla Kelly, this unique mindfulness practice is full of fun, fitness and fantastic music. It’s a fun way to understand our breath and its relationship to our mind and body, heart and spirit. Check out our event page of Facebook for more details.

If you would like further information on Teac Tom’s counselling services or to book an appointment, please get in touch with our team.

www.thethomashayestrust.com / thethomashayestrust@gmail.com / 056 7796592 / Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @teactom


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