Take Control of Inflammation

Small, consistent changes can result in healthier levels of inflammation

By Paul Bolger. Chartered Physiotherapist at Nano Physiotherapy, Kilkenn(www.nanophysio.ie).

The inflammatory state of the body is important for health – particularly in the long-run. As you have read in my previous articles, a healthy baseline level of inflammation in the body significantly reduces the risk of so many health issues – impacting pretty much every cell and organ in the body.

Look at the image here – in green are factors shown to reduce inflammation, in red are things that push inflammatory levels higher, and in blue there is our genetics (we don’t get to choose our parents, or their parents). What areas could you make some changes to impact your inflammatory state?

If you feel a little overwhelmed – please know that no matter where you start from, small, consistent changes make a real difference.

Don’t be a Purist

Don’t sacrifice your life for your health. You can’t live a totally ‘pure’ life – and if you tried it might cause more harm than good. But don’t use this as an excuse to keep unhealthy habits – there is a balance to be struck.

The Body is Robust

We can tolerate periods of stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc. The body is resilient and robust, it can bounce back. So, expect these things to happen and know that brief periods like this are not detrimental to your health in the long run.

Consistency is Key

We are highly adaptable. We adapt to what we do regularly. When it comes to health and shifting towards a healthier lifestyle, consistency is vital. If we consistently take care of our health – then those occasional sugary treats, poor nights of sleep or lazy days don’t matter so much.

Small Changes Go a Long Way

Those who are inactive have the most to gain from exercise – simply going from 0 to 10mins of exercise per day has powerful benefits to health. The same can be said for improvements in sleep, diet and stress. Those who are starting from a low baseline have the most to gain by making small changes.

Take the Next Step

So now I want you to look at the list again. Where could you make a change to improve the balance of inflammation in your body? Just pick one, make a plan and try to stick with it for 4 weeks. Best of luck!

For those suffering with their health and need additional support, working with a healthcare professional is the best place to start.

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