Support to anyone suffering in pain at this time


To provide support to anyone suffering in pain at this time. With vastly experienced physios we can help manage and remove pain from your life. Supporting you and helping you over any niggles from all types of injuries

What Can I Expect?

Specialist information on your injury and pain management

A thorough movement assessment and instruction on exercise to help you.

Personalized email of your rehab including tips, pics and detailed video demonstrations of each exercise

One on one session that migrate into full exercise and rehab sessions with david

Friendly and progressive support from our team though out the process

How Does it work?

A easy to connect video call and a personalized rehab sent right to your email that is at your fingers at the click of a button.

Appointments can be made at your convivence

Roche injury clinic works with high level athletes around the world and also has general public patients travel from all over Ireland for treatment

Who are we?

Roche Injury Clinic is a multi-award-winning clinic with international acclaim. We provide you with the highest standard of health care possible to help you recover from your injury and become pain free. Covering everything from back/neck pain to sports injuries to niggles you have.

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