Support local and support your community

When you support anything local you are investing in your own welfare, and this is also true when you support local business. The money you spend stays within the local community. Your money goes towards paying salaries which should be re spent within the local economy.
Local business pay rates which goes towards paying for your street lighting, street cleaning and street scapes along with the upkeep of playgrounds, parks, walkways, libraries, community centers etc. and the list goes on.
Local business are owned or managed by local people who have invested their lives in their shop, salon, office, café, restaurant, bar, workshop, factory, services or facilities. They support and sponsor local charities, clubs, neighborhoods and schools. They are involved in the community, they know you, and you know them.
Your choice is important in maintaining a strong local economy and community, when you buy ‘on line’ you are losing that personal touch, you are now dealing with a faceless person and the rules and conditions have changed, you will struggle to receive feedback if there is an issue. You lose out on the chance that a quick re visit to a local business will solve any problem, this versus the long telephone wait obeying some machine’s instructions while you waste hours waiting to talk to somebody who in the end does not have the authority to help you. It is so true that local business customer service is better because it has to be, they depend on you and will go that extra mile to ensure they have a happy customer because they want to see you again and again.
Local business create local jobs, they provide the training, skilling and up skilling, and education of their staff to go further to provide a service, goods or product that will provide value for you. Be it a new business or long established they all need one thing and that is your support and they in turn will support you in making sure you are a happy and longtime customer.
The experience of shopping, using a service, or spending time in a café ,bar or restaurant should be a rewarding one .You should not only admire a locally manufactured product, piece of art and craft, or food stuff but you should also be proud of your close proximity to its creation. A sense of pride that you are purchasing the very best that is available in your locality.
Local business will interact with you to provide the service you require. You can discuss your requirements, negotiate a deal, make a plan, work together outside the normal parameters, be more exact or more flexible, you can work together to best suit both of your needs.
You can build a relationship with a business owner or manager so that they know how best to serve you. They can get to know your likes, taste, style, what pleases you and they can inform you of new arrivals, trends, products. They can order stock with you in mind, they can look out for you.
Local businesses create growth in your local economy, community and neighborhood, Their success encourages others to set up new business, expand existing business, develop stronger and more sustainable communities and encourages more investment from local and national government agencies. Success builds on success, community builds on strong community efforts. When people see good they want to be part of that good, when people see great they want to be associated with creating that great. A thriving local economy encourages more people to explore the business world setting up new enterprises which in turn serve your needs better. A strong local economy can provide additional opportunities in the expansion of people’s social interaction, education and health and gives people more options in the living of their lives.
Local business is working hard but needs your support, in return you get to live within a thriving community with a promising future for our young (and not so young). A community we can all enjoy and be proud of.

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