Repair and Restoration of the Lady Chapel

Opened in 1857, Saint Mary’s cathedral is undergoing some renovations.

Work began in the James’ Street church just before Christmas.

The primary work currently is preparation for and installation of a new altar and ambo in the sanctuary.

At the same time, the two side chapels – The Lady Chapel and the Chapel of St Joseph – are being cleaned and restored.

Initially, all the mosaics of these chapels are being cleaned – literally being washed down.

These mosaics date to the work of Bishop Collier in the early 1930s.

Over the years a build-up of dust and smoke have clung to the mosaic, and all have now been cleaned.

Repair to the windows has also been necessary.

While the windows themselves are in good condition (repair work to the lead in these windows was done in 2011) the reliefs and paintwork needed repair.

The reliefs and mouldings have now been cleaned and repainted and ‘gold leaf’ applied to the decorative designs.

The altar in the Lady Chapel is original to 1857.

St Joseph’s Chapel was erected by Bishop Brownrigg in the 1890s.

The marble background (the Reredos) in both altars will be re-erected.

Each chapel will be lit with new lighting.

This work complements the beautiful centre apse of the Cathedral which was cleaned earlier and has been much admired by parishioners, pilgrims, and visitors alike.

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