AS I SEE IT BY MARIANNE HERON The resounding defeat by 74% of the care amendment to the Constitution must tell us something about our feelings about how carers are treated. There is another litmus test on care in the Supreme Court since April 11, which could have systemic importance for those caring full-time at …


A chartered physiotherapist’s view By Paul Bolger. Nano Physiotherapy We have all heard the term ‘wear & tear’. This term should, in my opinion (and the opinion of some world-leading physiotherapists), be replaced with ‘Wear & Repair’. Why? Because this better reflects the reality of what occurs as we go through our lives. Yes, things …


THE FACT OF THE MATTER BY PAUL HOPKINS We might like to think in the autumn of our years we have never had it so good. Thanks to advancements in nutrition and medicine, not to mention those (no thanks!) elective cosmetic treatments, our picture of ageing has changed radically in the past decades. In my …


FURTHERMORE By Gerry Moran I buried the hedgehog last week. A sad affair. As all burials are. The hedgehog who I’ve been feeding throughout the winter waddled into my carport a few days back, curled quietly into a ball, and remained there until its demise some days later. A strange place I thought for the …


BY CLAIR WHITTY Are you finding it difficult to remember what you are learning? There are several reasons why this might be happening, including an inadequate diet, sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, lack of energy or fatigue. Top foods to support the grey matter would be omega oils, B vitamins, iron, protein, and antioxidants. These nutrients …


BY JOHN ELLIS, FINANCIAL ADVISOR Most people are saving for something.  They are putting aside some money for a rainy day, their children’s education, a comfortable retirement, or a dream holiday. But thinking about investing that hard-earned cash can be a daunting prospect. On the one hand you could increase your money by wise investing …


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