Natural Solutions for Mouth Ulcers 

Mouth ulce

Mouth ulcers are a common problem that many of you suffer with. They are small ulcers that form on the inside of the cheeks or lips. The ulcer usually has a red rim and looks like a crater. They can come in clusters or singly and can be extremely painful. They are aggravated by spicy food, sugar sweets, coffee, and citrus fruit. Toothpaste that contains sodium lauryl sulphate can aggravate them too, as can some mouth washes with high alcohol content.

Some of you will be lucky and never get one, or maybe you’ll only ever have one in your life. Unfortunately, there are many of you that get recurring attacks of these painful ulcers.

So, what causes them? There are a number of things to consider, poor nutrition, food intolerance, stress, and lowered immunity. You may need to address one of these issues or all of them for long term relief.

Regards nutrition one of the main deficiencies in the diet is B vitamins, in particular B12 and folate. A deficiency of Iron, Zinc, and good gut bacteria could also be a factor. You’ll find B12 and iron in meat, and organ meat, and green leafy vegetables. B vitamins are found in nuts, seeds, wholegrains, and green leafy vegetables.  Low levels of fruit, vegetables, and good quality fats and oils may also contribute to the problem. In other words, you need a wide and varied diet.

A balanced diet and also reduce stress levels which will help support immunity. If you want extra immune support take A.Vogel Echinacea. You can also rub a small amount onto the ulcer, this will sting but it is healing too. 

 Supplements to consider include a B Complex that provides a decent level of B12. Or a multi vitamin that provides B vitamins, Iron, Zinc, vitamin C all in the one formula.

Over the years there’s a remedy, simply called Mouth Ulcers that many people have had fantastic success with. It’s made by New Vistas. You could try this as well as dealing with the diet and lifestyle issues too.

The causes, triggers, and aggravators vary from person to person, some of you may have to address several areas at the same time in order to find a long-term solution. Call in to see us at Market Cross for more information and advice.

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