Natural solutions for Hay Fever

SNEEZING, itchy eyes, nose, and throat are common symptoms of hay fever. Sound familiar? There are natural solutions that can help.

Other symptoms include watery eyes and runny nose. Some people may experience pressure over the forehead, or nasal congestion.

This can make it difficult to determine for if its hay fever or a sinus problem for some people.

The main cause of hay fever is that your immune system is reacting to the pollen. It thinks the pollen is dangerous to the body.

Your body tries to protect itself from what it thinks is a bad guy by releasing histamine which is the main cause of the symptoms.

Pollen allergies

You may be allergic to pollen from flowers, grass, trees or weeds.

Many of you who suffer from pollen allergies may also have reactions to perfumes, dust, animal dander, or household sprays. If so, your symptoms can persist for many months.

Natural Solutions include: A.Vogel Pollinosan tablets are a combination herbal remedy that is suitable from 12 years of age. It is one of our most popular remedies.

For optimal results its best taken before the symptoms even begin, otherwise take as soon as you can and continue throughout the season. Pollinosan can help ease the symptoms associated with hay fever.

You can get A.Vogel Luffa Complex which is a herbal tincture suitable from two years of age. This also offers relief from the symptoms.

Support immunity

For symptomatic relief try A.Vogel Pollinosan spray. You can carry it with you for unexpected exposure to pollens or perfumes when you are out and about.

Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex is another option. This includes Astragulus to support immunity. It improves symptoms such as a runny nose, itching, and sneezing especially in people who experience seasonal allergies.

A Hay-Band is a drug-free alternative to treating hay fever. You simply wear the band on the elbow it touches acupressure points to help relieve many of the symptoms.

Hay fever is not pleasant. Simple things that may help include wearing wraparound sunglasses, a small amount of Vaseline on the tips of your nostrils may help block some pollens.

A teaspoon of local honey can help too. There are many remedies that can help so why suffer?

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