Music on the Mall Initiative. Love Music; Love Local Talent

MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre Kilkenny, in collaboration with KCLR, are delighted to announce their new community initiative for local musicians of Kilkenny and Carlow: Music on the Mall.

Event Organiser Dominique Dumecz from MacDonagh Junction, together with John Keane from KCLR, have devised a playlist of local artists’ music which will be played over the airwaves on the Mall every Friday and Saturday.

Dominique explains how the initiative came about:

“When I asked a couple of local bars why they don’t get local bands to play, they said they’ve tried it before, but customers don’t know the music and they prefer to be able to follow along with the music and lyrics. It’s a chicken and egg conundrum.

So, after a discussion with the management team of the Shopping Centre, the idea of supporting the local community and the amazing talent around our county was born. Why not create a playlist that will introduce and familiarise the public to some local music and give the artists some much needed exposure as well? It’s never been done before. I immediately contacted John Keane from KCLR who is a huge supporter of local talent and he gladly shared some of his playlist ideas which we tweaked to suit the mall environment. Hopefully, more Shopping Centres and other public spaces could adopt the initiative for their local artists too.

You can show your support by spreading the word about the initiative and by coming along to the launch.”

To celebrate, MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre are hosting a launch event featuring live performances from some local artists.

The launch will take place on Valentine’s weekend, Friday 10th February 2023 from 4pm in MacDonagh Junction Shopping Centre and will be MC’d by Martin Bridgeman.

Artists include: Mick O’Flaherty, Fenix, Hawk Jupiter, Elise, Davey Furey and Fans of Adventure.

Everyone is invited to hear the live performances and launch entry is free.

Love Music; Love Local Talent

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