Miracle birth in city parish?

By Jimmy Rhatigan

AN expected family of triplets has become quadruplets in a miracle birth of sorts at the heart of the city parish of St John’s.

There was a shock for parents, extended family, neighbours and friends when three became four.

Everything pointed to three offspring only for doting and very protective would be parents as days became hours, hours became minutes and then it was down to seconds at a tense makeshift maternity ward in a coal shed to the rear of a local home.

There was so much excitement post birth that it took some time to come to the realisation as what up to recent weeks was a family of two, wife and partner, quickly and unexpectedly became six.

A miracle the birth may not have been but there was certainly something very strange about the extra arrival.

Things were tense as locals waited with bated breath as a doting would be dad and magnificent mum to be waited for the outcome as three eggs hatched in a cosy nest.

How three eggs produced four chicks is the conundrum.

Does nature lover Tommy Roche in whose shed the birds were born need to get a new pair of glasses or was Keith Barry in the vicinity at any stage?

That the St John’s Court Maternity Ward is a close neighbour of St John’s O’Loughlin Memorial Church has fuelled speculation of a miracle birth.

Rumours are rife, the now extended family of Robin Red Breasts is in good health so no matter what the explanation for the mystery is, assuming there is one, means that regardless there is a fairy tale finish to a story of romance, anxiety and finally wonder.

Has anyone got a number for Miss Marple?

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