Mayor Joe Malone Kicks Off Inaugural Cycle Event, Advocating for a More Sustainable and Healthier City

Mayor Joe Malone of Kilkenny City is taking the lead in promoting sustainable transport and a healthier lifestyle as he inaugurates the City’s first Mayor’s Cycle event. With the aim of encouraging cycling as a viable mode of transport and recreation, the Mayor aims to raise awareness of the possibilities of positive impacts of small lifestyle changes on the City’s environment and overall well-being.

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, the 5th of September, the Mayor’s Cycle will depart from County Hall and take in the cycle paths beside Lakeside Medical Centre and the eastern environs before finishing at Newpark Family Resource centre. A presentation will take place to Sheila Donnelly to mark the occasion of her retirement from Newpark Family Resource Centre.

The Mayor is an avid cyclist and has long been an advocate for sustainable transport and a greener, healthier city. “Cycling is not only an enjoyable and convenient way to get around our City, but it’s also a powerful tool in our efforts to become more sustainable and promote a healthier lifestyle. By organising the Mayor’s Cycle event, we hope to inspire others to embrace cycling as a part of their daily lives and make Kilkenny a more environmentally friendly and vibrant place to live.”

The Mayor will be joined by representatives from James Stephens Army Barracks and local school students from St. Kieran’s College and St. John’s Senior School for the event.

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