Looking after your ears

Do you suffer from excess wax in your ears? This happened to me recently for the first time ever. I thought I had an ear infection because I had some discomfort and tenderness so I went to the GP to have it checked out. It turned out that there was no infection but one ear was severely blocked and the other was quite badly blocked with wax. The doctor told me to use oil in my ears to soften the wax and to come back to get them syringed. Unfortunately when I went back, the nurse couldn’t get all the wax out so she sent me away warning me to lie on my side for ten minutes to let the oil do its work.

As well as olive oil, you could alternatively use Otosan Ear Drops or Spray. I decided to use the Otosan Natural Ear Spray as some of our customers use this regularly and said it was brilliant. Otosan Spray is an ear spray that is used for removing earwax and for daily ear hygiene. It can also be used to help Vertigo and Tinnitus. I liked using this product as I felt with the long nozzle it could reach deep into my ear. I lay on my side for ten minutes as instructed by the nurse to let the oils do their work. On the second visit the nurse successfully removed the wax and said she could see my ear drum. I was delighted that it worked and that all was well. I could hear again and had no discomfort. I have promised myself to use the spray regularly to help prevent the build-up of wax and to keep my ears clean.

A build-up of wax may occur if you use cotton buds to clean the ear as this can compact the wax. Or if you use ear plugs, work in dusty environments, or have narrow ear canals. That was my problem, I have narrow ear canals and never knew.

One symptom of wax build is a reduction of hearing, no wonder the TV was up to full blast! There may be discomfort, noise, or ringing, or feeling of blockage in the ear. And temporary deafness after hair washing or swimming.

I was very happy to hear clearly again.