Letter to the editor

‘The Town I love So Well’

As like the summer so far, the August Bank holiday passed us by as if we were in the latter stages of Autumn. However, many families still tried to get away for a little together time before the children head back to school. Kilkenny is sold as thee place to have a family vacation and for the Irish Diaspora living abroad to return home and while here, visit Kilkenny, The Medieval Capital of Ireland.

As a native, I value what our city has to offer to all who visit. Unfortunately, if I was one of those families that decided to come here for the August bank holiday, after my experience with my grandson on Saturday, I am sorry to say I’d have second thoughts about returning.

Christmas, God forgive me for bringing it up! is only 20 weeks away. When we reach the August bank Holiday it is the signal for me to lodge €10 per week to my Credit Union Account. This helps to have a stress-free festive season with my small savings giving me a helpful hand for a few small presents for the grandchild and it looks like maybe a great grandchild, please God. Why the Credit Union? To be honest, it opens Saturday, but more importantly it is nice to talk to a teller and not a machine! I like the personal touch and the smiling welcome you get when lodging your few euros.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the afternoon on our High Street. I am a blue badge holder, and the two spaces outside the Credit Union are great to have access to and let’s hope they will remain for my life time anyway. However, Saturday saw a spanking new SUV, non-badge holder, parked illegally in the disability car parking space. Now I must mention, the driver was in the SUV and had the hazard warning lights on, which for some unknown reason people think that makes it okay, or makes their car invisible. Now I have to be truthful, as that was the way my parents brought me up, I parked across the road in the Taxi Rank or loading bay, and now the second chapter of my ‘Nightmare on High Street’

I held my grandson’s hand and went to cross the street at the public crossing at Market Cross. It was like running the gauntlet. Young teenagers, boys and girls I may add, racing up and down the street not just on foot but, those crazy and very dangerous electric scooters. Visiting Families, who had to duck, jump and at times run across to get to the far side of Kilkenny’s Medieval Mile, and That wasn’t all that was the brazen carry on of these Young Adults, one can only call THUGS

There were the guys on the bikes racing up the High street with, and against the traffic and when a motorist had to brake suddenly and hit the car horn, got the two fingers and the roars of F.. Off effin followed by the must disgusting word of the English language that begins with a ‘C’ and ends two letters later with a ‘T’, and then the running brigade following the scooters and bikes as they went from one end of our main artery, for all our tourists to the city.

Now some will ask where are the Gardai? Traffic Wardens? My question is where are these Terrorists parents? Yes Terrorists! They were terrorising the people and visitors of Kilkenny some with young children. As we push forward to making Kilkenny a friendly, walking and bicycle haven, pedestrianised streets and bicycle lanes, ah how beautiful and inviting it sounds. Well not if we do not eliminate the Teenagers who now see High street as their playground for the summer. Electric Scooters reaching dangerous speeds, the humble push bike as it races against the oncoming traffic. A definite recipe for disaster with the owner that needs to be educated on the rules of the road and the basic manners of being a human being.

Now next Saturday, I will unfortunately have to make the same trip to the Credit Union. Imagine, I am a Kilkenny native that loves my city and now I dread going on to the High street. If you were a tourist that decided to venture to Kilkenny last weekend, did you feel safe? or more importantly, would you come back or recommend a family visit to our city centre?

Would I? what do you think after the experience I had last Saturday in ‘The Town I love So well’


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