Inspired by Mick


My friend Mick is 79 and looks fantastic. He is fit and active. There’s nothing wrong with his memory and he is in great condition. He can even still do a decent squat! He has no aches and pains either which is brilliant.

I asked Mick what does he put his good health down to. He smiled and said, a table spoon of Cod Liver Oil at night and a good bowl of porridge in the morning. I smiled back, and said there is more to it than that.

Mick gets up every morning at 5.45 and takes his dog out for a walk. He has his bowl of porridge, made with milk, in the saucepan. He puts some grapes and a banana on top. He has lunch in the middle of the day, and dinner in the evening. His meals are homemade non processed meals full of natural goodness, with an occasional treat. He does the cooking as his wife is unable to. He looks after his grandchildren after school. Up until recently he was doing DIY tasks for himself or family members if needed, amazing!

He has a positive mental attitude, he said people should get up and go, and not to be sitting around. Anyone that knows him will say that he is easy going, laid back, and always has a smile on his face, and loves having a bit of fun.

He said that everyone should do exercise to help with balance because the lack of balance can become an issue when you get older and can cause people to get nervous about going out. Every morning he stands on one leg for a couple of minutes with his arms out straight to his sides, then switches to the other leg and does the same thing. He demonstrated it for me and he has no problem balancing.

He also does a breathing stretch that his father showed him. You stand in front of an open window, while breathing in stretch your arms over your head, breathing out bring your arms down as you cross them over each other. This exercise opens the lungs and he believes it may have helped his posture too. Mick has a lovely straight posture.

Mick has inspired me, I hope that by taking on board his tips I too will look as good as he does when I reach 79. That’s only 20 years away!

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