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Looking after my eyesight has been on my mind as I have noticed changes in my vision. I get regular check-ups so I know everything is ok medically. However, I have started to squint and frown more, in particular when reading or on the computer. My eyes are definitely getting tired more easily. Now they water if I overstrain them, wow, that makes me feel old! I suppose at 57 it’s pretty normal wear and tear on the eyes.

I have to admit that it has gotten me thinking about looking after my eyes and adding in a supplement to help look after them as best I can. My main objective is to protect my eyes from macular degeneration and from further deterioration and loss of vision.

I had a look at the supplements on offer at our store and I decided on Irish Brand One Nutrition Macu Complete. It contains a nice mixture of 12 important nutrients which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision. Including omega 3 from Algae oil to nourish the eyes. It contains Meso-zeaxanthin, Zeaxanthin, and Lutein which I have read a lot about for optimal eye health. As well as a mix of carotenoids including lycopene which have benefits to eye health and may help protect them from blue light damage. It contains 25mg of Grapeseed extract, I have seen research on this showing powerful antioxidant benefits. The Macu Complete ingredient combination includes Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B2 which contribute to the maintenance of normal vision. Supporting my eye health now may help slow the development of macular degeneration and oxidative damage to the lens thereby helping prevent cataract formation.

Like other parts of our body our eyes will benefit from a healthy diet. Foods rich in antioxidants like brightly coloured fruit and dark green leafy vegetables. Oily fish for their omega 3 essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are important to the health of the macula, the part of the eye responsible for central vision. It will be important to keep alcohol and saturated fats to a minimum as they can be harmful to the macula and can cause deposits that can constrict blood flow to the arteries.

I will let you know how I get on with Irish Brand One Nutrition Macu Complete.

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