Have seeds, will grow veggies…

Green fingers: Katelyn McGrath with her pet rabbit and her vegetable patch Photo: Margo McGrath

THE Grow It Forward programme run by Kilkenny County Council Library Service has been going really well since it was launched on March 23
“This has been a hugely beneficial initiative, getting people to grow their own vegetables at home.  Through sharing with neighbours and friends, communities have all gained from the experience and will have lots of produce come harvest time,” Marie Smith, Grow it Forward Ambassador told The Kilkenny Observer.
More than 800 growing kits have been distributed throughout the County, with lots of groups getting involved, Family Resource Centres, Men’s Sheds, Woodstock and City gardens and others.
To encourage more people to get involved in growing vegetables, Energia and Grow It Yourself (GIY) are promoting a Get Ireland Growing Day on Saturday June 19.
This is a day where the people will be encouraged to
Tune into demos on GIY Instagram live to learn from the professionals
Download the GIY app for tips
Share growing pics using #GetIrelandGrowing to win spot prizes
Nominate a Get Ireland Growing champion to win a cash prize.  See www.getirelandgrowing.ie for more details.
Everyone can get involved and Kilkenny County Council Library Service has great resources to help you on your growing journey.
Eva Holmes has developed a series of informative videos which are very helpful for beginners and available on Youtube channel kilkennycoco.
The library also has a number of useful magazines and books available online also.  Check out their new App Libby for the latest magazines with some great resources including Kitchen Garden, Mother Earth News and Amateur Gardening.
For children there is a new magazine, Growing Vegetables Is Fun, with lots of great illustrations that will really appeal to all ages.  To date, there has been a big uptake in the books and magazines on offer.
Stay tuned to our social media for details of Get Ireland Growing Day.  Ireland AM are also collaborating and will be featuring events and competitions throughout the day.  You may be in with a chance to win some great prizes!

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