Great BT Young Scientist win for Presentation Kilkenny

Therese Gunning, Legal Director BT Ireland presents the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2023 Social and Behavioural Sciences Category 1st Place Intermediate Group Award to Morette Aylward and Roisin McElwee, Presentation Secondary School Kilkenny for the project ‘A Look Into Our MInds; When Are We At Our Most Dangerous

Presentation Secondary School’s recent win at the BT Young Scientist Competition

First place in the category, Social and Behavioural Sciences – Intermediate Age group, went to   students Morette Alyward and Roisin McElwee for their project entitled ‘ A look inside our minds, when are we at our most dangerous’.

More than 250 students were surveyed across different schools.

The students created a survey using C++ and python coding:

•They completed a survey asking them various questions that have been linked to risk taking

•The students had to complete the quiz on their own and this gave them an overall ‘risk score “

•They then completed the same quiz but in groups, so that they could compare the risk scores to see if the risk score was affected when they were in a group setting. This tested for the effect of peer pressure.

The students analysed their data with the conclusion

that they saw that boys peaked in danger scores at TY level, while

girls peaked at 6th year level. TY boys had the highest risk scores of all groups.

Presentation had four projects, involving eight students, at the RDS exhibition.

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