Give your skin a Trilogy boost


Summer is here and I think it’s an ideal time to give our skin a boost. So, what about trying a Trilogy serums/boost? They’re certified natural serums which penetrate deeply into the skin to the lower levels where they can really get to work. When you feel your skincare routine isn’t enough, you don’t have to change your regular products – just add a booster in to your product mix to sort any issues you may have. I like their CoQ10 Age Proof Boost, the one to boost collagen and elastin. It brightened my dull skin that badly needed a lift.
If you are looking for a glow, while also tackling age spots and pigmentation, the vitamin C Booster could be perfect for you. It has natural vitamin C Powder in the lid of the serum, you press down the lid releasing the vitamin C into a hyaluronic serum below to activate it. This is a 2-week treatment as it is freshly activated and is most beneficial in those first 2 weeks.
If your skin needs a bit of hydration the Hyaluronic booster would be ideal. Hyaluronic acid is nature’s moisture magnet it holds onto moisture in the skin. I am currently using this one as with the warmer weather and wearing masks my skin was drying out. My skin feels so much more hydrated now, I am delighted with it. It’s best to apply Hyaluronic booster after cleansing and then spritz or splash some water on your face as it is then able to hold onto some of that moisture in the skin. I have to admit I forgot to do the spritzing for the first couple of days and now I know, it does make a difference. Follow this with your usual oil and moisturiser. Trilogy have added antioxidant acerola and Schisandra to moisturise and condition the skin for extra oomph.
If you want to improve the appearance of fine lines and improve elasticity and firmness in the skin then Bakuchiol is the booster for you. This is a natural alternative to Retinol so can be safely used during pregnancy and for sensitive skin types. You will get all the benefits of Retinol without any of the harsh reactions which can happen. The bakuchiol booster also has Squalene which softens and soothes dry skin, it also has hemp seed oil to reduce inflammation and reduce fine lines. This Booster really packs a punch in dealing with the effects of aging on the skin. 3 – 4 drop a can be applied to the face after cleansing.

I hope this helps you choose the perfect Trilogy boost! Shop online at

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