Get ready for Back to School


It’s back to school time already, what a fast year. Many of you will be busy getting school books and uniforms sorted. After a busy summer you might be considering giving yourself and your kids an energy boost before going back to school. Or maybe your concern is how to support their immunity to prevent missed days from school.

So, to get you ready for all of this you could top up with a boost of Floradix Liquid Iron. This is very absorbable and easy to digest, great to support energy levels and cognitive function. It contains Iron, B2, B12, and vitamin C to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Topping up with Floradix Iron is ideal for children and adults, and is especially important if you are vegetarian. Floradix is also available in a version specially adapted for children & teens with a fruity raspberry flavour called Floradix Kids. They have no preservatives, colours or artificial flavourings.

For a more comprehensive support try Revive Active’s Junior Revive for children aged 4-12 or Teen Revive for teens aged 13-18. This supplement has a wide range of nutrients to support your child’s energy, brain, heart, bones and immune system. It contains 22 active ingredients which includes 18 vitamins and minerals, 4 fruit and vegetable powders, Choline, Live Friendly Bacteria, Fibre and Beta Glucans. It comes in an unflavoured powder that is easy to take. Simply add it to juice, a healthy smoothie or yogurt of choice. I love that you only need to take it Monday – Friday to coincide with your morning school routine.

If you want a supplement whose sole focus is immunity then you might like to try Better You Vitamin D& K2 spray for kids. A simple spray onto the inside of the cheek is all you need to do!

A lot of children will not eat fish so adding in a fish or plant-based omega 3 supplement such as Eskimo 3 For Kids is important. This helps ensure that they have adequate essential fatty acids for normal brain function, immunity, energy. It’s needed for everything really. It supports learning by improving cognitive function. Eskimo 3 for kids is available in Tutti Frutti or Orange flavour.

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