Funerals restricted but elite go golfing

THERE must be a hole in the mind-set of the 80 or so attendees who flocked to the Oireachtas Golf Society Dinner in Clifden, Galway.

Speaker was local Sinn Féin TD, Kathleen Funchion who said the list included current and former FF and FG TDs and Senators.

Also there were a Supreme Court Judge, retired RTE journalist and a former FG office holder turned Chief Executive of the Banking and Payments Federation.

“All were gathered to discuss the needs of the rich and powerful.

“I doubt if there was any discussion of the housing crisis or the out of reach cost of renting for young people and their families.

“It is doubtful that hospital waiting lists, childcare costs, children’s needs or the endless list of outstanding issues that confront the ordinary people featured high in their priorities.

“I am proud to say that our party leader, Mary Lou McDonald, had not even heard of this elitist group.

“That is a compliment to her,” Funchion told The Kilkenny Observer.

“This is the same cohort that was determined to exclude Sinn Féin from government and to hold on to power.

“Let’s hope that people remember this when the chance comes and, hopefully soon, to replace them.”

Callous and disgraceful

Ms Funchion continued: “This infamous gathering should also serve as a stark reminder of how this artificial segment of society considers itself as above the rest of us.

“They make the laws and rules for us to follow while they make sure that they won’t be inconvenienced themselves as their callous and disgraceful disregard for Covid Restrictions demonstrates.

“It was alright for people to make sacrifices in regard to weddings, first communions, confirmations, funerals and visiting loved ones but please don’t ask them to have to cancel a dinner with their ‘influential’ golfing buddies and perhaps miss out on a banking or interview tip.

“Ironically, had the Covid Restrictions not been in place then this ‘select’ gathering of the ‘entitled’ would have flown under the radar as this was the 50th Anniversary of this group.”

Serious distraction

She also pointed out that another adverse consequence of Golfgate is that it has served as a serious distraction from other important matters.

Discussion had become focused on who resigned and who is to replace him or her and this was hogging news coverage.

“Our children have returned to school and their safety and the safety of those with whom they come in contact is of paramount importance.

“Children with special educational needs are entitled to receive the same high standard of education as others.” (See Observer story Page 8).

Sinn Féin had called for an immediate recall of the Dáil. With the breaking of the Clifden Golf Dinner Scandal, Taoiseach, Micheál Martin was forced to make the concession of September 1 rather than a September 15 return,” Funchion concluded.

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