Draw for two All-Ireland tickets at The Kilkenny Observer office

Faith presents John with the winning tickets for the All-Ireland Final

Photos: Amanda Burke

The Kilkenny Observer were delighted to hold a competition for a draw to win two All-Ireland tickets.

Needless to say, we had a massive response and would like to thank all the entrants. With many entries being dropped into the office, the bit of banter added excitement to the final!

An open draw was held at the office of The Kilkenny Observer on Thursday, 20th July. Paddy Kenna of Kenna’s Butchers, Friary Street, gladly obliged when asked to draw the winning ticket so a huge thanks to Paddy. The draw was witnessed by John Duffy, Kilkenny Community Policing Sergeant, so thanks also to John for taking the time to attend the office for the draw.

The winner drawn by Paddy was John Lynch, Drakelands Middle, Kilcreene Road, Kilkenny.

The two All-Ireland tickets were presented to John by Faith, Features and Advertising Consultant with The Kilkenny Observer. John told us he was looking forward to the match but thanks to The Kilkenny Observer, it made his day to know he will be in Croke Park on All-Ireland Sunday.

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