Ditch the diet – lose weight naturally!

By Andrew McDonald – Hypnotherapist

Eat breakfast! Two simple words, one easy action but something which can radically alter your relationship with food and your weight with a minimum of effort. Many people think skipping breakfast will help them to eat less and lose the pounds. Actually the complete opposite is true! By not eating breakfast you’ll almost certainly end up eating more during the day. So make time to eat properly in the morning.
Choose liquids wisely! Many people don’t realise the amount of calories in their drinks. An Americano is less fattening than a cappuccino or a latte. Tea with a splash of low fat or skimmed milk contains fewer calories than a full fat milky cup. Water or fruit juice are much better for your weight than fizzy drinks. If you’re having an alcoholic beverage, wine and spirits generally contain less calories than a pint of beer or cider. Be wise on the mixers if you’re enjoying a long drink though!
Perhaps a little more difficult but well worth the effort is changing your eating habits. This can be relatively easy like switching sugary snack foods for fruit or require a bit of extra effort like deciding a cut off point in the evening after which you don’t eat anymore. If you’re somebody who likes to eat big meals, eating smaller portions can be challenging but will definitely help.
Hypnotherapy can help massively with those tasks which are harder to achieve but which bring better results. Through hypnosis you can programme your mind to naturally avoid unhealthy snack foods and seek out healthier alternatives. This then becomes part of your natural behaviour and you will lose weight without even noticing the effort you’re having to put in to get there.
Hypnotherapy can also help you with getting motivated to start exercising. If you can begin an exercise routine, you’re already a long way down the road towards achieving your ideal weight. Your eating habits are only part of the battle to getting yourself looking and feeling great. Starting exercising is often the trickiest part but through hypnosis you can steel your resolve to get moving! Hypnotherapy can also give you the benefits of a gastric band without the painful surgery. By convincing your mind that you have a gastric band fitted, your body will naturally be satisfied with eating smaller portions of food.
Switch to lighter versions! The amount of calories in various condiments and dressings can often be astonishing. Low fat versions can make a big difference!
Eat protein with every meal! It leaves you feeling fuller for longer as well as help to keep your blood-sugar levels steady. This will naturally lead to you needing to eat less often and cutting out more snacks.
These are some far more successful alternatives to dieting. Try a couple of them and see how things work out for you! What have you got to lose other than the pounds?

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