Crochet or knit to help children

KILKENNY County Council Arts Office has initiated a blanket project to help you use up of all that extra wool you have lying around your house and to help improve the lives of children in South Africa.

What better a time to get back to knitting, crocheting or indeed take it up for the first time or to get your children knitting.

Knit or crochet a square 7’’ x 7’’ and your squares will be stitched together into beautiful blankets for the children supported by the Elkana Childcare Charity in South Africa.

Sophie Darlington is our youngest knitter so far and has produced some beautiful striped squares.

Sophie is 11 years old and has just recently learned to knit and was delighted to hear about our Knitted Together project.

This has given her plenty of opportunity to hone her skills.

All of her hard work will be joined together with the other squares to complete as many beautiful blankets as we can create for the children supported by the Elkana Childcare Charity.

Dear to hearts

The Elkana Charity transforms the lives of children who live in severely adverse situations which negatively impact on their positive development and it has very strong connections to Kilkenny, so is very dear to our hearts.

A magnificent municipal building named Kilkenny Hall stands in the middle of one of Africa’s largest townships today.

It was built via the monies sent from the south east of Kilkenny in a drive spearheaded by Mooncoin farmer John Crowley.

John was deeply moved by what he witnessed on his first trip to the Khayelitsha Township during the 2002 Kilkenny hurlers’ holiday to South Africa.

So John set about transforming the lives of women and children.

You too can make a difference and have a positive impact on their lives one square at a time.

If you are interested in getting involved please let us know by email or call the Arts Office on 056-779 4203.

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