Carlow Little Theatre presents a weekend of one-acts

Heiligenstadt rehearsal (left) Jamie Dockery as Ludwig Van Beethoven and (right) Zoë Hayden as Countess Josephine Deym

Carlow Little Theatre Society are delighted to present the world premiere of two exciting new plays, the winner of our 2023 International One-Act Playwriting Competition, ‘Lox and Loaded’ a comedy by US writers William A. Smith and Andrew R. Looney, and our entry to the All-Ireland One Act Festivals 2023, ‘Heiligenstadt’, a drama by Kilkenny native Mark Cradock.

This will be a special weekend of not-to-be-missed theatre at Barnstorm Theatre, at the Home Rule Club in Kilkenny on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October.

Performances start at 8pm, with tickets priced at €15 (including booking fee). Early booking is advisable as capacity at the venue is limited.

Full details for both plays can be found below and in the event bright booking link underneath:

All are welcome to a weekend of drama and comedy, so please spread the word!


Carlow Little Theatre Society presents the world premiere of two exciting new One-Act plays, Lox and Loaded and Heiligenstadt, at 8pm on Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October.

Lox and Loaded

Written by William A. Smith and Andrew R. Looney

Directed by Charles Houghton

Produced by special arrangement with Next Stage Press, Inc.

Winner of Carlow Little Theatre Society’s 2023 International Playwrighting Competition, Lox and Loaded tells the tale of best friends, Bernie Bloomberg and Sol Rabinowicz who have operated their own hardware store in New York, for 50 years. It all comes apart after Bernie defaults on a loan from mobsters. Sol pretends they are themselves mobsters and sets about threatening to kill the local kingpin, “Joey Legs.” It’s no surprise, then, when Sol and Bernie end up in the witness protection program in Texas, they have some difficulty “fitting in.”


Bernie Bloomberg: Rory Moran

Sol Rabinowicz: Paddy Behan

Run time: Approximately 40 Minutes



Heiligenstadt is Carlow Little Theatre Society’s entry into this year’s One-Act, All Ireland Circuit, where the play will feature in six festivals in Counties Kildare, Kilkenny, Donegal, Mayo, Cork and Dublin.

Written by Mark Cradock

Directed by Deirdre Fleming

Produced by arrangement with the author.

In 1802, Ludwig van Beethoven is still a young man who had yet to compose his great masterpieces. However, his personal life and musical career are in crisis. He retreats to a small village outside Vienna, Heiligenstadt, where he faces his inner demons and makes one last attempt to address his issues, in the most pivotal moment of his life.


Ludwig Van Beethoven: Jamie Dockery

Countess Josephine Deym: Zoë Hayden

Karl Van Beethoven: John Jennings

Johan Van Beethoven: Scott Cooper

Dr. J A Schmidt: Paul Dunne

Run time: Approximately 45 Minutes


Paul Dunne, PRO Carlow Little Theatre Society: (085) 725 4280 |

Mark Cradock, playwright, Heiligenstadt: 087 223 7198 |


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