Candida what’s it’s all about?


Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by a yeast called Candida. We all have this organism and for most of us it doesn’t cause any problems. It’s normally kept in check with our own friendly gut bacteria. It can be triggered by exhaustion, low stomach acid, impaired immunity, contraceptive pill, HRT, and antibiotics. Or caused by poor diet, one that is high in sugar, or where there is excess alcohol.
Symptoms you may experience: Aches, and pain, allergies, or skin problems. Anxiety, low mood, or depression. Bloating, or digestive disorders. Concentration, memory problems or foggy brain. Low energy, stress, and irritability. Depressed immunity, recurring urinary infections, oral or vaginal thrush. You may have one or several of these symptoms.
You’ll need to do a number of things to treat Candida. Step one involves starving the organism of food, the yeast loves sugar and will flourish in an environment rich in these foods. You’ll need to avoid totally all sugars including fruit. Foods that contain yeast include breads, cakes, baked good, processed foods, yeast can also be found on the outside of hairy fruits and some nuts. Cheese, vinegar, and alcohol should be avoided too. It’s a tough diet, but you won’t have to follow it forever, once you get it under control, you’ll be able to relax about it all.
Next, you’ll need to support your gut to heal it and kill off the organism using antifungal herbs and digestive supporting nutrients. New Nordic Dida is a supplement that our customers use for gastrointestinal support and have great success with when used with the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. You’ll need to support your friendly gut bacteria so top up with friendly microbiotics like Udo’s Choice Super 8.
Ideally, you’ll need a good strong immune system too. A healthy diet and the reduction of sugar will help here. Include immune supporting herbs like Echinacea, or Vitamin D.
So, to recap, you’ll need to avoid sugar and yeast, support gut health, kill off the organism, and support immunity. Consider the underlying cause as this will have to be addressed too.
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