Are you game for Top of the Class?

Play, learn, and have fun with the new Irish board game Top of the Class, set to be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year

Two friends with strong Kilkenny links have launched an exciting new Irish board game, Top of the Class, ahead of the busy Christmas season. The game incorporates family fun and learning. Suitable for the whole family from age six to 99, the new general knowledge and trivia board game will teach players a thing or two and bring back some childhood memories for those big kids in the household!
The game covers core school subjects in an enjoyable and often unpredictable way with a combination of general knowledge, the process of elimination, out of box thinking, gameplay and strategy. Players must navigate around the board, avoiding hazards and a visit to the principal’s office. The whole family can play, learn, and have fun together, but who will make it to the Top of the Class?
Top of the Class was inspired by a summer working trip when the two school friends worked in a hotel in the United States. The friends quickly realised that families would bring board games to the hotel to play throughout their holiday. Realising their popularity, the two friends decided to create their own board game with an Irish twist. That summer, the board game, Top of the Class was born.
During lockdown the pair got back to work to make the game market ready. Top of the Class is now on shelves for the Christmas market of 2021. Created, designed, and manufactured in Ireland, Top of the Class is now available to buy from and in Eason’s, The Art and Hobby Shop and Cogs the Brain shop. The founders, Eamon and Niall are hoping Top of the Class will make the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year to play, learn and have fun.

Top of the Class co-creator Eamon Fennelly said,
“During our research and testing Top of the class was showcased in several primary schools in Ireland, the game was well received by both teachers and pupils. We were delighted to see that families really enjoyed playing the game too. We are excited to bring Top of the Class to the Irish market. It’s wonderful to feel sense of achievement when you see the final product on a shelf. It has been a worthwhile journey, especially now seeing it in shops across Ireland. Top of the Class is a board game the whole family can play while creating memories together.”

Available from RRP €34.95

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