A.Vogel celebrates 100 years


A.Vogel recently celebrated 100 years since Alfred Vogel opened his first health food store. I was invited to the celebrations. I have to say, it was a lovely day of training, meeting like-minded people, and learning more about Alfred’s life and where it all began. Alfred Vogel, who was born in Switzerland, said, “Nature gives us everything we need to protect and maintain our health.” He believed that it is important to have a healthy diet and lifestyle and that nature could support us when needed. He wrote the book The Nature Doctor. This was one of the first books that I read when I started working in natural health and wellbeing.

Vogel believed that herbs should be fresh, organic and used preferably in tincture form for optimum benefit. Today, the Vogel brand still carry out his wishes and work to the same standards that he set all those years ago.

He travelled the world learning about herbal remedies and nature from indigenous people. Such as in the case of Echinacea where it is said that he met with Ben Black Elk, son of medicine man Nicholas Black Elk who taught him about the Native America herbal tradition. It was from him that he got the Echinacea seeds that he was to cultivate, grow and research. From this he formulated a product that we know today as Echinaforce.

I would have spoken about Echinacea many times over the years. It is a beautiful plant with purple spindly petals. It is the perfect herbal tincture to have in the home at this time of the year to support immunity. You can take it to help prevent getting a cold or a flu or you can take it to treat one if you get it. It is my go-to remedy to help support my immune system. Echinacea lozenges are ideal for when you are out and about. Germs get into our body through the nose and mouth so sucking a lozenge could offer some protection for you.

Alison, who gave us a lecture on Echinaforce reminded us that simple things in life like laughing can help immunity too. As well as the value of a healthy diet, stress reduction, and good quality sleep as ways to support immunity all year round.

If you are not familiar with the brand, it is worth checking out.

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